Five Easy and Healthy Meal Prep Tips!

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Give it up for the weekend! I always do. I mean, my week feels like a wild buffalo stampede is coming at me sometimes. I try and take the time (whenever I can) to enjoy the simple things; like quietly sipping on freshly brewed coffee while my dog rests on my lap as I pen this blog post. Oh, and the rest of the house is entirely asleep! And quiet. That’s the only way to win, to get up before they all do!


I also can’t get over the fact we are already in January; which *kinda* means I have to take down my fully lit Christmas tree and throw out our now stale gingerbread house display. Things I’d rather not do. I think am one of those people that get overly (read: *WAY TOO) excited about the holidays and when they’re over, you are left a bit downcast. I’ve also been living off leftovers, because I did take my holidays very seriously. But its time to start carving out a new year, to set new goals, to get back on track & to start preparing and planning for the year ahead. My meals, at least. So in the spirit of January, (because the spirit of Christmas may have left our pants feeling a little tighter) here are my top five go-to weekend meal prep tips.


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5 Easy Meal Prep Tips & Tricks To Building Meals In Minutes

  1. Get your complex carbs cooked. Cook large batches of quinoa, black + brown rice & buckwheat groats. They can be used in buddha bowls, as porridge, or added to quick veggie burger patties which often contain quinoa or rice as fillers/binders. I joke I could be out of everything- but there’s always cooked quinoa in my fridge. Its perfect for throwing a last minute dinner quinoa salad together & just adding fresh veggies and a dressing! Click here for more recipe ideas on quinoa or buckwheat.
  2. Get your eggs on. Hard-boil a carton of pasture-raised eggs & store them in a tupperware container to throw in as rice-bowl toppers, as quick protein for salads, use them to make egg-salad for sandwiches or simply enjoy one as a snack with a handful of almonds or fresh fruit. We all get those sneaky snack attacks. Don’t let them surprise you! Want to get creative with those hard-boiled eggs? Try them in these paleo toasties!
  3. Get your veggies roasted. I find that when my veggies are all crispy, roasted & ready to be enjoyed: they never go to waste. Ever. I roast mine at 400F for about 20-25 mins and simply toss them in avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil & sprinkle with sea salt & pepper. I also love to sprinkle them with a spice called sumac for a bit of a lemony, tangy taste. My fave veggies to roast for quick weeknight meals: sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms & brussels sprouts. Also, have you tried these brussels? Too yum. And ready in minutes!
  4. Get your hummus ready! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: I can’t live without hummus. I’ve got a deliciously easy recipe on the blog, too. Perfect to dip those roasted veggies in! Sometimes I just throw a dollop of hummus into my quinoa, chop some avocado and scoop it up. SO good! Click here for my go-to hummus recipe.
  5. Get your bake on. Seriously. Let’s face it, we’ll often go for something sweet that’s not nearly as healthy as something we could’ve made at home. When we make it ourselves, we know exactly what’s in it. This single tip has helped me so much because, friends, I have a sweet tooth. I love to bake healthy muffins for a quick grab-n-go snack or breakfast. These Gluten Free Yogurt Blueberry Muffins or this paleo Peanut Butter & Chocolate Banana Bread are blog favorites. Feeling savory? These Egg Muffins with veggies & goat feta are the perfect treat!


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Give these meal prep tips a try! I always tell myself: failing to prep is like preparing to fail. I carve out 2-3 hours of my weekend (usually on a Sunday-after I’ve gotten my Saturday groceries) and following these tips makes the week ahead THAT much easier. Hope you find them helpful, too.

Happy Eating, Friends!