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Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini

I believe brussels sprouts deserve more love. They are sort of every kid’s holiday food nightmare. I’d look at them (sulk) and then look away, literally. There’s so many ways to eat them, dress them, and enhance this unassuming vegetable that has endured such a bad rep for so long. They’re kind of like that… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini


Feta & Broccoli Egg Muffins

So, it seems the world has gone bonkers. And time is my enemy; as I can’t keep up with the latest flurry of developments. Is this (exclusively) a “mom thing” or an “everyone” thing? I suddenly struggle to keep current on the news, contemporary issues, celebrity gossip and of course- your nearest and dearest. Otherwise you’re THAT person… Continue reading Feta & Broccoli Egg Muffins