Maple Pecan Pie Bars

Butter tarts, pecan tarts, anything tarts- they all have a place in ma’ heart. I definitely don’t discriminate. Most importantly; I have a well-known penchant for so-called “Fall Treats”. You see, Fall Treats sort of exist in a league of their own. A-L-S-O, they have pretty distinct ingredients like; apples, pecans, pumpkin, maple, & caramel.… Continue reading Maple Pecan Pie Bars

Breakfast · Desserts

No-Bake Blueberry Bliss Balls

So… I was once addicted to blueberry anything-preferably muffins, bagels and donuts. Also, preferably with coffee. And from time to time, I miss them badly and crave something sweet- sans the white flour, white sugar, canola oil and nasty additives. Cue in these blueberry bliss balls that as opposed to tasting raw, they actually taste… Continue reading No-Bake Blueberry Bliss Balls


Clementine Christmas Cake

Recipe & pictures have been updated! Hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. The smell of clementines & oranges always bring me right back to the exponential excitement of Christmas morning. My mother makes an orange & lemon bundt cake at Christmas time that is literally the stuff of dreams. I should perhaps also share… Continue reading Clementine Christmas Cake

Desserts · Smoothies

Blueberry Banana Collagen Nice Cream

One (scorching) hot summer afternoon, I decided to cool down with this super refreshing fruity bowl of goodness.This was probably one of the hottest Toronto summers on record. It was also pretty dry, too. Like, we barely got any rain and everyone’s garden was on life support. So making nice cream regularly for me and the… Continue reading Blueberry Banana Collagen Nice Cream