Entrees · Vegetarian

Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini

I believe brussels sprouts deserve more love. They are sort of every kid’s holiday food nightmare. I’d look at them (sulk) and then look away, literally. There’s so many ways to eat them, dress them, and enhance this unassuming vegetable that has endured such a bad rep for so long. They’re kind of like that… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts with homemade Lemony Tahini

Salad · Vegetarian

Southwest Sweet Potato Salad

You know how there’s certain foods you just kinda (totally) ignore? Well, that was exactly the case with me and sweet potatoes/yams. I knew about this potato variety, but aside from my aunt Rosy’s epic Thanksgiving and Christmas sweet potato, cinnamon and marshmallow casserole; I seldom paid much attention to this unassuming vegetable. And the worst part… Continue reading Southwest Sweet Potato Salad

Entrees · Vegetarian

Mexican Quinoa Casserole

Mexican take-out meets healthy deconstructed taco bowl. Except there’s no rice. I’ll do you better, it’s got protein rich quinoa which like rice; is also naturally gluten free. And it’s highly addictive kind-of-GOOD. Sans meat or with it; it’s totally customizable to your preferences. I enjoy this sans meat simply because the quinoa and black… Continue reading Mexican Quinoa Casserole