Entrees · Vegetarian

Mushroom and Cashew Alfredo Pasta (DF and GF)

Mushroom and light cream truffle pasta has ma’ heart. This one is completely dairy-free and get’s that cheesy light truffle cream sauce taste from none other than… C-A-S-H-E-W-S. Yep, you read that right; (insert bold letters and conspicuous spacing :P). The same good ol’ raw cashews I make vegan cheesecake from. The same handful of raw cashews that make my smoothies denser and creamier. The same cashews that I use for my cashew cream cheese spread. Starting to make sense? Cashews are the best source of cheesy goodness, aside from cheese itself. You will love!

Appetizers & Dips · Entrees

Garlicky Mushroom Toasties

You know those days when you’re distinctly craving something hearty and savory, that’s both incredibly satisfying- but equally simple to prep? Well, this little recipe is just that. And it’s so incredibly versatile: you can enjoy these toasties for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner, or serve them in smaller sizes as appetizers for a little holiday cocktail party. Or any party. Think of them essentially as glorified “crostini”.

Entrees · Salad

Chickpea & Tomato Mediterranean Salad

This hearty Chickpea and Tomato Salad is a definite crowd-pleaser; the best part- it comes together in less than 15 minutes. Bonus: it comes with a killer lemon, olive oil & herb vinaigrette that’s easily transferable to your favorite salad. The perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue or a meal in and of it’s own because it’s packed with a ton of plant-protein. Enjoy!

Breakfast · Entrees

Homemade Naan Breakfast Pizza

Shocker: I’ve never actually baked a loaf of bread in my life. Am not entirely sure why I’m so intimated by the entire bread-making process. Especially because I’ve managed to successfully bake (far) more difficult goodies. So I decided it’s time to change that. I am starting today and am starting with Naan Bread. Gluten-free,… Continue reading Homemade Naan Breakfast Pizza

Entrees · Poultry

The Ultimate Chicken Fajita Bowl

Everything tastes better in a bowl. Am I right? There’s a je ne sais quoi about this build-your-own fierce fajita bowl that’s incredibly appealing. It’s easily customizable to your fave sides, repurposed leftovers will always be put to great use, and there’s a lot less mess than trying to fit this all into a tortilla.… Continue reading The Ultimate Chicken Fajita Bowl